Whispers of the Fallen

The Fate of the Dwarves; The Birth of the Dwerrow

The homeland of the Dwarves lies in ruins, destroyed by an violently conflagration. In an instant the dwarves’ most honoured sages and ironpriests were engulfed in flame, their flesh and bone burned away from within. To the commoners, it was as if the mountain itself had risen up against them; large sections of the dwarven capital were consumed by their own foundations, crumbling into deep fissures rent in the earth. Great gouts of magma and fire streamed forth from the halls of the Heartforge to envelope all that remained in searing heat.

In the Ensuing chaos and confusion, only a handful of Stonehold’s inhabitants managed to make it past the great gates of their mountain sanctuary alive. The surviving dwarves fled to the outlying Stonemountain foothills, gathering in the small farming settlements that speckle the region. The destruction of their homeland remains a mystery, and their ancestral home has become overrun with all manner of fel beings. There are some who say that there are dwarves still living within the ruins of Stonehold; survivors of the dwarvish priesthood of Moradin who have forsaken their god for another malevolent force.

The divine spark of Moradin disapeared with the dwarves’ homeland. Unable to heal their sick and wounded the acolytes and understudies of Moradin that survived Stonehold’s destruction turned to the shamanistic practices of the inhabitants of the Stonemountain foothills, becoming Earthsages. They now seek to reclaim their lost homeland and solve the mystery of Moradin’s disapearance.


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